Reporting Guidelines

General Reporting Tips

The content of the report should be clear, concise and accurate The language should be easily understandable to the person who is not a technical expert The report should highlight tangible and measurable results. How did the initiative make a difference in the lives of children? How has it helped to strengthen the country’s education system? The report should be compelling and supported by photos. Please note that features and human interest stories can be submitted throughout the year here on the Back on Track website, where they will be posted for greater visibility with key donors (click here to submit stories, photos and other materials).

Work Flow

The proposed process below aims to ensure quality control of reports and to facilitate collective learning, exchange of knowledge, experiences and good practices/lessons learned among and beyond the Back on Track focus countries. Based on these reports HQ will produce an annual consolidated report to be shared with donors and country and regional offices.

  1. Annual Progress Reports are submitted by Country Offices online by 31 March each year. Submit a report. (A notification is sent automatically to the Education focal point at HQ.)
  2. The education focal point at HQ checks the quality of reporting and liaises with Country Offices regarding any necessary revisions.
  3. The country report is posted on the Back on Track website and can be accessed by Donors and Country and Regional offices. Access country reports from previous years.
  4. HQ creates the Global Consolidated Report using inputs from country reports.
  5. Once finalized, the Global Consolidated Report, together with the country reports, is officially submitted by PARMO to the relevant donor mission in New York.
  6. The Global Consolidated Report is posted on the Back on Track website, where it can be accessed by Country and regional Offices and Donors. Access Global Consolidated Reports from previous years.

Reporting Schedule

Type What Who When
Annual Report Annual report on progress in the year (January- December), describing consolidated results and expenditure, along with utilization report. ROs & COs 31 March
Consolidated Report Consolidated global report on the analysis of the overall status and results of Back on Track. NYHQ 30 June

Reporting Tools

UNDG: Standard Progress Report Template

PARMO: General Reporting Guidance and Checklist

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