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A girl accused of witchcraft finds support, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

By Cornelia Walther

16 June is Day of the African Child. The theme in 2013 was on eliminating harmful social and cultural practices affecting children: our collective responsibility.

Accusations of sorcery put children at tremendous risk of discrimination or retribution. Although it is against Congolese law to accuse a child of sorcery, children like Josiane face such claims. UNICEF, government and NGO partners are working to protect children accused of witchcraft and to change cultural behaviour that puts these children at risk.

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In DR Congo, a UNICEF programme is empowering communities to improve water and sanitation

By Edward Bally

KINSHASA, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 23 March 2012 – Years of civil war have limited progress in improving health and sanitation services throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Today, half the population of 66 million still has no access to clean water sources, and one out of every five children under age 5 suffers from persistent diarrhoea.

Cholera outbreak

Since March 2011, the country has also faced a deadly cholera epidemic: In the past 12 months, more than 22,000 cases have been reported, and more than 500 people have been killed. In the past three months alone, the World Health Organization (WHO) has registered more than 5,600 cases. In response to the emergency, UNICEF and its partners are supporting health centres dedicated to the care of cholera-affected patients.

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UNICEF plans to expand innovative pre-school programme

By Chris Niles

NEW YORK, USA, 9 January 2012 – A quality education is the cornerstone of every child’s rights, yet across the developing world millions of children’s futures are stunted because they don’t have the opportunity to learn.

UNICEF is addressing this deprivation with an innovative approach that aims to remove barriers to success in primary school by giving pre-schoolers the knowledge to successfully enter first grade.

Called ‘Getting Ready for School: a Child-to-Child Approach’, the programme is a low-cost way to provide supplemental education to pre-schoolers, especially the most marginalized.

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Early childhood programmes benefit children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

© Blanchard Baembe/August 2011Democratic Republic of Congo - Children of the Bikoro II ECD

By Taleen Vartan

NEW YORK, USA, 12 December 2011 – The earliest years of a child’s life are pivotal, both for the child’s immediate well-being and for his or her future dev. Effective investments in early childhood development (ECD) have the potential to reduce disparities exacerbated by poverty, poor nutrition and limited learning opportunities.

Through UNICEF’s Back on Track programme on education in emergencies and post-crisis transition, children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are benefiting from the establishment of ECD centres, where preschool-aged children have access to high-quality, developmentally appropriate services and psychosocial support.

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UNICEF says education for women and girls a lifeline to development

© UNICEF/NYHQ2011-0077/Noorani
A girl holds a wooden writing board at a UNICEF-supported temporary learning centre in the flood-affected Rajanpur district of Punjab Province, Pakistan.

NEW YORK, 4 May 2011 – Making sure girls and women have equal access to quality education is key to sustainable economic development, UNICEF said today, as the world celebrates Global Action Week on Education.

This year’s Global Action Week focuses on Education for Women and Girls, as 53 per cent of all children out of school remain girls denied of the right to learn. Poverty, exploitation and armed conflict magnify the risk girls face even as they go to school, forcing many to stay home or drop out in fear of their safety. In countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, sexual violence and mass rape – a clear violation of their rights – continues to terrify and severely harm women and girls, ultimately denying them access to education.

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Children call for an end to their forced use in conflict

Permanent Representative of Mexico to the UN Claude Heller (left), UN Special Representative Radhika Coomaraswamy, UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon sign ‘red hands’ petition.<br />© UNICEF/NYHQ2009-0105/Markisz

Permanent Representative of Mexico to the UN Claude Heller (left), UN Special Representative Radhika Coomaraswamy, UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon sign ‘red hands’ petition.
© UNICEF/NYHQ2009-0105/Markisz

NEW YORK, USA, 13 February 2009 – Children from 101 countries have appealed to international leaders to take stronger action to end the use of child soldiers.

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